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AADR Meeting to highlight UTSD students

Friday, February 10, 2012 - 1:18pm

Michelle Eldiwany

Andre Nguyen

Jireh Yue




Abstracts by 12 University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston (UTSD) students have been accepted to the 2012 American Association for Dental Research (AADR) Annual Meeting March 21-24 in Tampa, Fla. Michelle Eldiwany will present two posters; Andre Nguyen will do an oral presentation, and Jireh Yue will compete in the AADR DENTSPLY/Caulk Competition. Websites for abstracts are included below to show what the UTSD students (and their mentors) have been up to: 

Chelsea J. Elliot Bond Strength Comparisons of Six Cements to Premise Indirect Composite
Michelle B. Eldiwany Bond Strength to Enamel Using 5th and 6th Generation Adhesives
  Dentin Shear Bond Strength Using 5th and 6th Generation Adhesives
Kimberly A. Baskin Prevotella Nigrescens and Antimicrobial Resistance: tetQ, Biofilm Metabolism and Diffusion
Tara L. Luther Salivary Protein Profile Modeling for Studying Breast Cancer Progression
Jordan B. Mchone Biocompatibility of Light-cured Orthodontic Bonding Adhesives: A Preliminary Study
Andre H. Nguyen Co-administration of Vancomycin and BMP-2 on Staphylococcus/Bone Cell Co-culture
Jireh J. Yue Alveolar Bone Stem Cells: An Isolation, Characterization, and Differentiation Approach
Austin D. Ledingham Effect of Sterilization on Stability of Anodized and Non-anodized Mini-screws
Aaron R. Menchaca Invasion of Blood Vessels into Cartilage Implanted into Skull Defects
Timothy C. Woernley Fusion Between Cartilage Nodules Differentiated in a Rotating Bioreactor
Mason W. McClintock Validating KPG Index – 3D Classification System for Canine Impactions
Joshua M. Knowles Surface Analysis of Study Models Generated From OrthoCAD and CBCT