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Literary Award honors Flaitz/Carlin article on patient limbo

Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 1:20pm

Nathan Carlin, PhD and Catherine Flaitz, DDS, MS, with the award she won for an article they wrote together.

The International College of Dentists, Texas Section, has awarded its 2011-12 Literary Award to Catherine Flaitz, DDS, MS, based on an article she co-wrote with Nathan Carlin, PhD. Photo by Rhonda Whitmeyer. 

The Texas Section of the International College of Dentists has presented its 2011-12 Literary Award to Catherine M. Flaitz, DDS, MS, professor at The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, for “Living in Limbo: Ethics and Experience in a Conversation about Persistent Oral Lesions,” published in the May 2011 Texas Dental Journal.

The article, co-written with Nathan Carlin, PhD, examines an oral cancer patient’s decision to enter an experimental treatment program, not just in search of a cure, but to counteract the limbo of waiting to know his fate. Flaitz is an adjunct faculty member of the McGovern Center for Humanity and Ethics, where Carlin is an assistant professor. He is also adjunct faculty at the School of Dentistry. Both Flaitz and Carlin are actively involved in the Center’s Campus-Wide Ethics Program.

The article applied concepts initially detailed in a book written by Carlin and Donald Capps:  “Living in Limbo: Life in the Midst of Uncertainty.”