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Dr. Hall, New ADA Speaker, Is UTSD Alum

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 9:33am

Glen Hall, DDS '75, Speaker of the ADA House of Delegates

Glen D. Hall, DDS '75, is the new speaker of the ADA House of Delegates.

A University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston Class of ’75 graduate, general dentist Glen D. Hall, DDS, of Abilene, has been elected speaker of the American Dental Association’s House of Delegates – one of the top leadership posts in the ADA.

Hall was elected to a three-year term as speaker in late 2012. The House of Delegates is the ADA’s legislative body and supreme governing authority, representing the association’s 157,000 members. As speaker, Hall will preside over the next annual session of the House, which sets overall policy for the ADA.

With more than 400 delegates and lots of proposals to consider, the House needs a steady and experienced hand to ensure the meeting runs smoothly, the process is fair and everyone has a chance to participate, Hall said. 

His election as speaker caps a long history of involvement and leadership in professional dentistry at both the state and national level. He served on the Texas Dental Association (TDA) Board of Directors before becoming speaker of the TDA House of Delegates for 12 years. He has been a delegate in the ADA House since 1988 and has served on and chaired the ADA’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs.

His experience was recognized by fellow delegates, and Hall elected by a decisive margin. As speaker, he will also serve as parliamentarian for the ADA’s Board of Trustees, a smaller body that oversees day-to-day administration.

Hall said he initially became active in the dental association because he wanted to make sure the profession’s leadership was in touch with the concerns of rank-and-file dentists.

“As dentists, we work in a regulated arena, so we’re involved in politics whether we know it or not,” he said. “I wanted access to those in leadership so my voice could be heard.” 

Involvement in the ADA has also helped him as a practitioner, Hall said, by keeping him abreast of developments in the profession and of proposed regulations and how they may affect patients.