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UTSD Family & Friends Spring Newsletter Is Here

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 1:37pm

UTSD Family & Friends Association Newsletter

The UTSD Family & Friends Association Spring 2012 newsletter.

UTSD’s Family & Friends Association has completed their Spring 2013 Newsletter featuring information about all the classes and activities over the year.

In his letter to members, President Bruce S. Smith, DDS, said new members are always welcome to help with the activities that help make dental school more pleasant for dental and dental hygiene students alike.  

"We have continued to support the students with financial assistance for the Freshman Orientation Barbecue, the White Coat Ceremonies, the Holiday Party/Dental Prom, and we provided snacks during finals in December (and will do so again in May). We will also be supporting the Dental School Olympics and the Senior Awards Banquet this year.

"I would like to thank our board members, Gayle Kruse and Pam Sowa, as well as Meg Thorburn and Dorothy Copeland, for their invaluable assistance, especially in providing snacks, without which none of this would be possible.  We also thank Tiff’s Treats for generously donating loads of fresh baked cookies for the students during finals.

"Lastly, I would ask that you continue to support this association, both with your annual dues, and with your active participation if possible. We really need new board members, but will gladly accept any assistance you can provide. The time commitment is really small, with 2-3 meetings per year." 

The membership form is on Page 4 of the newsletter, along with contact information for Smith.