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UTSD Endodontists Shine at AAE Annual Session

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 9:34am

Dr. Ariadne Letra

Dr. Silva

Dr. Goodman

Dr. Letra

Dr. Silva

Dr. Goodman

Endodontists from The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston made an impressive showing at the recent American Association of Endodontists annual session. Two faculty members presented a symposium; a resident won third place in a research contest; and five others showcased projects and table clinics.

At the AAE gathering in Honolulu, UTSD Associate Professors Ariadne Letra, DDS, PhD, MS and Renato Silva, DDS, PhD, MS – together with a collaborator from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil – were invited to give a symposium titled, “What’s Going on Beyond the Apex? Understanding the Molecular Aspects of Inflammation-Induced Apical Tissue Destruction.”

The trio presented years of research findings on the factors responsible for persistent apical periodontitis and molecular mechanisms associated with bone loss in the periapical region. They also discussed the role of genetics and ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. 

Letra and Silva shared the spotlight with endodontics resident Chad Goodman, DDS, who won third place in the oral research presentation contest.  The award includes a $1,000 prize from Dentsply.

Goodman’s presentation, “The Role of Heat Shock Proteins in Periapical Disease,” discussed the connection between endodontic infection and an imbalance in the expression of heat shock genes. He analyzed and compared gene expression in both endodontic lesions and healthy tissue.

A native of Fort Worth, Goodman earned a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a DDS from UTSD in 2005. In 2010 he entered the graduate endodontics program.

Other UTSD endodontic residents who had poster presentations or table clinics at the session were:

Dr. Clinio Cerrud:  “Validity of Pulse Oximeter in Determining Pulp Vitality”

Dr. Ghazaleh Ghaneh:  “Increased Expression of MMP-7 and TIMP-1 in LPS-Infected Macrophages May Contribute to Periapical Disease”

Dr. Mamatha Yadlapati:  “LPS-Induced Cytokine Production in Human PDL Fibroblasts Treated with Calcium Hydroxide and Triple Antibiotic Paste”

Dr. Leticia Souza:  “Cytotoxicity of a Portland-Based Cement”

Dr. Collins Okwen: “Role of Material Handling in the Complete Root Fill with MTA in Mandibular Molars”