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ASDA Reports on UTSD's Dentist-Lawyer-Professor

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 1:32pm

Boyd Shepherd, DDS, JD

Boyd Shepherd, DDS, JD

The most recent issue of Mouth, the American Student Dental Association's quarterly journal, features an article on University of Texas School of Dentistry Clinical Assistant Professor Boyd Shepherd, DDS, JD, and his life as a lawyer, dentist and working at the school. “From Dentist to Lawyer: An Expert in Both Fields” appears on Page 28 of the magazine.

Shepherd is a 1988 graduate of UTSD who went on to earn a JD from South Texas College of Law in 1994.

He directs five courses at the School of Dentistry and also serves as co-director of the school’s Professional Resource Center, a free service for students, residents and alumni who need career counseling, employment assistance or advice regarding the business and practical aspects of practice.