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Dental Students’ Ethics Video Wins Grand Prize

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 12:00pm

UTSD students (from left) Alana Reifer, Christopher Thorburn, Francisco Nieves, Forrest Arguelles and Gregory Luk won a national award for their humorous video on dental ethics.

UTSD students (from left) Alana Reifer, Chris Thorburn, Greg Luk, Forrest Arguelles and Francisco Nieves won a national award for their humorous video on dental ethics.

Five second-year dental students at The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston have won the grand prize in a student ethics video contest sponsored by the Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (the Council) of the American Dental Association.

Forrest Arguelles, Gregory Luk, Francisco Nieves, Alana Reifer and Chris Thorburn will share equal portions of the $2,000 award for their funny 4-minute, 26-second video, “Implanting Greed.”  In it, Nieves plays a young dentist who has to decide whether to recommend an expensive crown or implant to an insured patient (Thorburn) – making the practice manager (Luk) happy, even though a less expensive option would suffice. Thorburn and Luk created the music using Apple’s Garage Band software, and the team wrote the lyrics together.

The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry won honorable mention and a $1,000 prize for their video, “Gray Areas.”

The Council sponsored the contest to provide opportunities for dental students to consider ethical decision making as they prepare to start careers in dentistry. The contest’s goal is to create greater awareness of situations dental students and professionals encounter that could post ethical dilemmas. The videos are an entertaining way for students to consider how those dilemmas should be addressed.