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Collaboration: UT Pediatric Dentistry and Texas Children's Hospital Cardiology

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 9:37am

A grant-funded collaboration between The University of Texas School of Dentistry's Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Texas Children's Hospital is bringing pediatric residents together with cardiology residents and fellows to enhance mutual understanding and improve patient outcomes. 

Now through May, UTSD residents and cardiology residents will see patients together one or two days a week, with each discipline observing the other as diagnoses are made and treatment plans developed.  Dr. Gary Badger (Chair and Program Director, Department of Pediatric Dentistry) and Dr. Fehmida Dosani (Assistant Professor, Pediatric Dentistry) have lectured to the cardiology residents about pediatric dentistry. Pediatric Cardiologist Kelia Lopez, MD, lectured to the dental residents about congenital heart disease.

"Our residents will assist the cardiology fellows and pediatric residents in learning to orally evaluate congenital heart disease patients for caries risk and to diagnose other oral conditions," said Dr. Badger.