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ULinks Brings 28 Mexican Dental Students to Visit

Monday, August 18, 2014 - 3:04pm

Dental students from Mexico visited UT School of Dentistry at Houston in June.

These are some of the dental students from Mexico who visited UTSD in June under auspices of University Links, a Mexican organization that helps students choose colleges and careers. 

Twenty-eight dental students from various Mexican universities visited The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston in June under the auspices of University Links (ULinks), a career and educational program in Mexico that helps students choose the right college for their career interests. ULinks organizes groups of Mexican students to visit educational institutions in the U.S.

In Houston, the visitors were greeted by UTSD’s Hispanic Student Dental Association. President Paola Salazar and Vice President Lourdes Tavarez, both third-year dental students, opened the visit with a presentation, followed by tours of the facility led by HSDA members Diana Reyes, Patricia Lopez, Erika Mendez, Diana Carrillo, Jessica Rodriguez, Nemesio Rodriguez, Jessica Gonzalez and Diana Carillo. The visit concluded after an open forum where questions could be asked and answered. 

It was Salazar’s third time to host a ULinks visit, and she enjoyed hearing how Mexican dental schools work.

"With every visit, we learn something new from our visitors: from how their clinics run, to their classes and how they do procedures,” she said. “I feel that we have a lot of similarities with the ULinks group, and learning from them will allow us to grow more as professionals."

She credited ULinks representative Andy Martinez for working with UTSD Director of Recruitment and Admissions Amanda Galindo, EdD, and HSDA Faculty Advisor Margo Melchor, RDH, MEd, to make the visit a success.

Melchor noted that HSDA dental hygiene students Gonzalez and Carrillo also introduced the profession of dental hygiene, since registered dental hygienists are not a part of the dental team in Mexico.