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Center for Teaching and Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning will provide and support learning opportunities and implementation strategies that promote professional growth in teaching and assessment, mentoring and leadership.



1. Promotes and facilitates the implementation of programs that enrich teaching and learning, assessment, mentoring, and leadership skills.
2. Promotes the understanding and use of evidence-based teaching.
3. Encourages and supports innovation, collaboration and creativity in teaching.
4. Creates and cultivates an institutional climate in which the scholarship of teaching and learning is recognized, rewarded, and sustained.
5. Serves as a nexus to promote professional development throughout the academic career continuum.



Harold A. Henson Harold A. Henson, PhD, RDH
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Office: 713-486-4395





Karen F. Novak Karen F. Novak, DDS, MS, PhD
Associate Dean for Professional Development and Faculty Affairs
Office: 713-486-4019