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Small Grants Program

Dean’s Academy Small Grants Program in Innovation and Educational Research: The purpose of the Dean’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars in Innovation and Educational Research Small Grants Program (Dean’s Academy Small Grant Program) is to stimulate research and innovation in dental education. This program will make small awards (up to $3,000 per project) from an overall project pool of $6,000 to faculty who submit a written proposal and budget for a project that strives to improve education through innovative and methodical approaches.

These projects may involve curriculum development, evaluation methods, faculty development, or use of technology. Projects demonstrating a direct, measurable, positive impact on health science education will be most competitive for the award.

A successful application will be based upon merit with the intention to be responsible to the needs of a given program. Collaboration between or among units or schools is strongly encouraged where possible.

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2014-15 Recipients

Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Treatment Planning Module in Pediatric Dentistry
PIs: Dr. Brett Chiquet, Dr. Gary Badger, Dr. Fehmida Dosani
Collaborators: Dr. Amity Gardner, Dr. Gisela Velasquez

Evaluating Dental and Dental Hygiene Student’s Ability to Perform a Head and Neck Exam and Identify Oral Lesions in Everyday Clinical Practice
PIs: Dr. Ezinne Ogbureke, Professor Dennis Garcia
Collaborators: Dr. C.D. Johnson, Professor Ruth Conn, Dr. Ana Neumann, Dr. Kalu Ogbureke

Evaluating the Educational Impact of Laser Technology in Managing Common Oral Lesions in a General Dental Practice
PI: Dr. Juliana Barros
Collaborators: Dr. Catherine Flaitz and Dr. Shalizeh Patel

“First Surgeon” Digital Videography for Documentation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures
PI: Dr. Kamal Busaidy
Collaborators: Hal Halpin, Dr. Nagi Demian, Dr. Issa Hanna


2013-14 Recipients

A Pilot Study to Assess, Calibrate and Evaluate Calculus Detection Accuracy Among Periodontal Faculties
PIs: Dr. Sridhar Eswaran and Kavitha Parthasarathy
Collaborators: Dr. Daniel Kuan-te Ho, Dr. Robin Weltman, Dr. Nikola Angelov

Characteristics of Clinical Teaching Demonstrations: A Faculty Survey
PIs: Dr. Kim Ruona
Collaborators: Dr. Raymond Koeppen

Identifying Educational Value in a Video-based Learning Experience in the Preclinical Operative Curriculum
PIs: Dr. Shelly Patel and Dr. Ryan Quock
Collaborators: Dr. Juliana Barros, Dr. Gary Frey

The Art of Listening: An Interprofessional Pilot Course for Improved Patient Care and Communication
PIs: Dr. Cathy Flaitz
Collaborators: Rebecca Lunsroth, JD, MA, Dr. Nathan Carlin, Dr. Muhammad Walji

The Correlation Between a Hands-On Pretest Exercise and Student Achievement in Preclinical Courses
PIs: Dr. Maria Gonzalez
Collaborators: Dr. Phil Pierpont, Dr. Raymond Koeppen


2012-13 Recipients

Assessing Critical Thinking Outcomes of Senior Dental Hygiene Students Utilizing Virtual Patient Simulation
PIs: Joanna Allaire, Dr. Harold Henson
Collaborators: Nina Infante, Dr. Md Monir Hossain

Beyond Silos: A Pilot Study for Interprofessional Education and the Clinical Humanities and Ethics
PIs: Dr. Catherine Flaitz
Collaborators: Dr. Nathan Carlin, Rebecca Lunstroth, Dr. Jeffrey P. Spike, Dr. Peggy Hsieh

Development of a dental image database with the SOPROLIFE camera and a computer-based training course for Caries Risk Assessment and the International Caries Assessment and Detection System (ICDAS) for the UT-School of Dentistry
PIs: Dr. Ana Candia Solari Neumann
Collaborators: Dr. Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay, Dr. David Taylor,

Periodontal Disease Diagnostic Criteria for U.S. Dental Schools
PIs: Dr. Meggan Wehmeyer, Dr. Sridhar Eswaran
Collaborators: Dr. Parthasarathy, Dr. Walji