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Technology Services & Informatics

John Valenza, DDS

Technology Services and Informatics (TSI) was formed in April 2012 to provide support for students, faculty, and staff in the areas of library services, clinical and educational technology, media production and web services. It is also home to the Informatics research group which provides support and assistance with data collection, analysis, presentation and visualization.

TSI is the driving force behind technology innovations at the School of Dentistry. From technology assessments and implementation to training and hardware support we have a guiding hand in all aspects of technology. This ensures a consistent and professional level of support throughout the School and means that our systems are integrated correctly
and are the most appropriate available for the required task.

TSI also provides a voice for innovation and is constantly looking to the future. We strive to provide support and education for our students, faculty, and staff to ensure that their use of technology is both seamless and appropriate.

Each area within TSI provides unique and essential services.

Clinical IT & Web Services
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EHR Authorization Form
EHR Change Request
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Educational Technology
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Mining Data from axiUm EHR
BIGMOUTH Dental Data Repository
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
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Databases & Resources
eJournals & eBooks
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Media Production Services
Building Signage
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