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Educational Technology

Educational Technology is the study and practice of integrating appropriate technologies into the educational experience to better facilitate student learning. This includes distance and online learning, technology integration and management, instructional and media design and production, learning and educational sciences and processes of communication.

For more information on the Educational Technology group or any of the services and systems we provide and support please contact Richard Halpin or Darrel Gonzales.


Supported Systems
Blackboard (Learning Management) – a powerful and well-established Learning Management System that is used for many course maintenance tasks. Faculty are generally encouraged to use Blackboard to host their course related material. It can also be used as a platform to deliver quick quizzes, to allow for online group work, as a place to create blogs and wikis and a location to collate and manage student course grades. For support and assistance with Blackboard please contact Richard Halpin.
Examsoft (Online Testing) – secure online testing solution that allows for quizzes and exams to be taken on the students’ own laptops and iPads. The primary focus is on multiple choice, true / false, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions. The new Rubrics add-on allows for observational grading options. We have never lost an exam since we started using the system in 2010. For questions and support related to ExamSoft please contact Richard Halpin.
Panopto (Lecture Capture) – unobtrusive, easy to use and feature-packed lecture capture solution that allows for recording of classroom lectures. Additionally it allows for faculty to record summaries and screen captures from their own desk as well as recording from remote locations via laptop and webcam. Makes PowerPoints keyword searchable, allows students to take notes and offers excellent back end data for monitoring student use of the system. For support and assistance or to have your lectures recorded please email or send a schedule to Darrel Gonzales.
TurningPoint (Audience Response) – system combining a physical clicker / receiver solution with a PowerPoint plugin to allow faculty to poll students live during class and see their responses in real time. Every student at the School is required to purchase a clicker when they enter. For information or support related to TurningPoint please contact Richard Halpin.
Services Provided
Classroom A/V Support Support to faculty, students and staff in the use of all technology in the classrooms and labs. This includes projection systems, the touchscreen control systems, the document cameras, video conferring systems, annotation monitors, microphones, computers and any software needed to deliver a seamless educational experience. For help with the installed classroom technology please contact Darrel Gonzales.
Video and Audio Production and EditingProviding professional quality recording of in-studio and on-location audio and video. This includes editing services to produce an excellent final product. There may be costs associated with this service. Please contact Darrel Gonzales for information..
VideoconferencingSupport and setup for videoconferencing tasks. This may be point-to-point single conversations or whole classroom discussions with remote locations. Please contact Darrel Gonzales for information and to discuss available options.
Technology Assessment and IntegrationThe assessment of technologies of interest to ensure that they will work with existing software, hardware and processes here at the School. This may also include responding to an identified need by making suggestions for software to implement. Please contact Richard Halpin if you would like to talk about integrating technology into your teaching.
Training and SupportIncludes one-on-one training and support for any educational technology as well as school-wide training and educational workshops where appropriate. Please contact Richard Halpin with regards any training you may need with the educational technology systems and software.
Student Mobile DevicesLimited support for student mobile devices, including setting up UT email accounts. Please contact Richard Halpin if you have issues with any of your mobile devices.
CD/DVD ManipulationCD and DVD duplication services are available for a fee. Please contact Darrel Gonzales for further information.