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  • To educate dental students, postdoctoral students, and dental hygiene students in the study of diagnostic science and the basic pathologic processes of oral and systemic diseases with emphasis on detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
  • To be active in clinical, translational and basic science research in an interdisciplinary environment which utilizes the diversity and experience of departmental faculty members and the resources within the Texas Medical Center
  • To develop continuing education programs at the local, state, national and international levels in the areas of diagnostic sciences
  • To provide high quality dental care through the supervision of students, consultation with other dental and medical health care providers and in the direct delivery of care


In Education
  • To ensure that dental students possess an understanding of the process of patient examination, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • To develop, deliver and contribute to didactic and clinical courses for dental, dental hygiene and postdoctoral students
  • To emphasize and utilize clinical consultations, rounds and treatment plan presentations as vital learning experiences for students
  • To apply principles of basic science, differential diagnosis and practice management in the development of diagnostic skills as a reflection of modern dental practice
In Research
  • To develop and maintain funding for departmental research efforts from local, state, federal and private industry sources
  • To develop and promote integrated research efforts with other investigators in the Texas Medical Center, nationally and internationally
  • To ensure that departmental research is conducted in an ethical and proper manner, complying with all state and federal regulations regarding the proper treatment of patients as well as the proper care of research animals
In Service
  • To conduct continuing education courses in the diagnostic sciences
  • To provide a clinical consultative service for the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions in referred patients
  • To promote clinical, radiographic and histopathologic consultations with clinicians within the Texas Medical Center, nationally and internationally
  • To expand the activity and scope of services for the Surgical Oral Pathology Service and Sterilizer Monitoring Service
  • To support community service projects that incorporate diagnostic science activities
In Patient Care
  • To provide a preliminary evaluation of patients’ oral and maxillofacial needs utilizing appropriate clinical and radiographic examination
  • To incorporate principles of oral medicine into patient evaluation utilizing the patient’s chief complaint, medical history, dental history and psychosocial history
  • To examine and treatment plan patients in an objective and comprehensive manner, providing alternative treatment options to the patient where appropriate