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General Practice and Dental Public Health

The Department of General Practice and Dental Public Health was organized and named in 2012. Prior to that date and through the years, the department was entitled Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials, General Dentistry, General Practice and other names. The department, while now emphasizing both general practice and dental public health, teaches disciplines including: behavioral sciences, general dentistry, community dentistry, preventive dentistry, patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning, and practice relations and management. 

Past chairs of this department (and its components) have included: Drs. Arthur H. Jeske; Peter T. Triolo, Jr.; Martin Hobdell, Douglas Simmons, Isaac Konigsberg, Rudolph J. Fulton; Robert Kaminsky; Ralph Frankson; Joe L. Cheatham; James K. Foster; George W. Walker; George H. T. French; James E. Armstrong; and James D. O’Farrell. 

In 1987, the department admitted its first residents in the General Practice Residency (affiliated with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System). Directors have included: Drs. John Valenza, Denise Armstrong, Kelly Peters, Joel Napeňas, Robert Mayhew and Raymond Simmons. In 1995, the department admitted its first residents in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Directors have included: Drs. Richard Bebermeyer, Sheila Koh, Pamela Minke, Robert Mayhew, Raymond Simmons, and Sudarat Kiat-amnuay. These two programs, both accredited by the American Dental Association, continue to educate approximately eleven residents per year.