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Preceptorship in General Practice & Dental Public Health

Six months or One Year Programs

The Department of General Practice and Dental Public Health conduct Preceptorship programs in Advanced Education & General Dentistry (AEGD) and General Practice Residency (GPR). These Preceptorship programs are designed to familiarize the participating graduated dentist with principles, practice, procedures and protocols of a dental practice in the United States. The programs offer graduated dentist the opportunity to learn different methods and materials and make them more competitive with present US graduating dental student when applying for different dental residency programs.

The preceptor will be expected to attend all of the classes that the residents are assigned to during the full one year that they are in the preceptorship program. This includes: CPR training, Electronic Patient Record training, a Conscious Sedation course, Biomaterials courses, dental photography, Endodontics, Oral Medicine I and II, Pedodontics, Periodontics, and a myriad of lectures in Prosthodontics (restorative), Implant Dentistry, Esthetics Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Treatment Planning conferences, and various lunch & learn courses. The preceptor can expect to spend approximately 60-80% of his or her time in the Dental Center after meeting criteria set by the Program Director. The preceptor will observe and assist the residents in different clinical treatment or laboratory procedures. They will first be assigned simple cases to work up and complete treatment. The preceptor will be expected to work up and present their assigned patient cases to the treatment planning board and be approved prior to starting any dental procedure. The preceptor will couple with another preceptor to perform clinical treatment and assist each other unless there is an available dental assistant. The assignment of more complex cases to the individual preceptor will be done based on the competency of each preceptor. Acceptance into the AEGD or GPR Preceptorship program does not in any way guarantee acceptance to the graduate residency programs. Individuals will be required to apply to the graduate residency programs through normal mechanisms.

The Preceptor program does not award academic credit. Upon completion of the program the individual will receive a letter of completion.

The program is administered by the Office of Continuing Education. For more information, contact the CE office at 713-486-4028, by fax at 713-486-4037, or by email at