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The Denar D4H Articulator

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Designed By:
Niles F. Guichet
Manufactured By:
Denar Corporation, Anaheim, California
US Patent:


Patent Date:


This articulator is the Denar D4H (“H”), for Hanau because this instrument is a modified Hanau "University Series" model articulator. It is a forerunner of the Denar D4A and D5A articulators and is likely the first to be made commercially available. Unlike the D4A and D5A, this model was a non-arcon; however, its features did include adjustable intercondylar distance, adjustable Bennett progressive path, and immediate side shift (up to 3 mm) and a centric locking device. This model has a universal Hanau incisal guide with Schuyler's pin for freedom in centric position. Guichet's pantograph was also patented during this time. Notable features of the Denar pantograph included easy clutch fabrication, six writing pins (all on the upper member) and six tables (all on the lower member). The pins are pneumatically controlled by one button.

Sharry JJ (ed.): Complete Denture Prosthodontics (ed. 2) 1968, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York, NY

Oblique Side view.
Oblique posterior view, it has a posterior centric lock and adjustable inter condylar distance feature.
Close-up of mechanical incisal guide table. Included is the pin for long centric.
Posterior detail of condylar control. The structure to the right of the condylar ball on the condylar axle is the Bennett shift control. (Up to 3 mm immmediate side-shift.)
Detail of the condylar control. It is non-arcon instrument with straight adjustable condylar paths.
Side view of the Denar D4H. It is a modified Hanau University Series Articulator.
Posterior view.
Another detail of the condylar element and immediate side-shift control.

Dr. Edgar N. Starcke's articles in the Journal of Prosthodontics have more information on the history of articulators.