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The GYSI "Adaptable" Articulator

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Designed By:
Alfred E. Gysi
Manufactured By:
Dentist Supply Company of New York
US Patent:
Patent Date:


This model of the Gysi "Adaptable" was produced for the American market in about 1912. It was the 3rd patented articulator with an incisal pin and guide assembly. Since Alfred Gysi introduced earlier models of the "Adaptable" in Europe prior to 1908 with this feature, he was likely the first to actually provide the incisal pin and guide as a part of an articulator.

The "Adaptable" also embodied important features that included adjustable rotation centers and adjustable condylar guides. It was the first articulator to include adjustable Bennett controls. Gysi used a recording device that is the "gothic arch" tracer to measure the incisal movements and a tracer with styli and "flags" to record the condylar paths. These measurements were used to set the controls of the "adaptable" articulator.

JP Articles

Lateral view, open position.
Lateral view, closed position.
Anterior-Superior view.
Posterior-lateral view of an adjustable vertical hinge pin resting in the V-Shaped guide slot. This view also shows the tension spring that retains the upper member in place.
Another perspective of an adjustable vertical hinge pin.
Detail of the condylar mechanism. The condylar inclination (protrusive angle) control is on the left. The adjustable Bennett control (the first to appear on an articulator ) is on the right.
Inferior perspective of the condylar mechanism showing the protrusive angle control. The condylar path is curved.

Dr. Edgar N. Starcke's articles in the Journal of Prosthodontics have more information on the history of articulators.