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Carla Rogers, PhD

Title: Associate Professor
Office: SOD-5457
Phone: 713-486-4508
Department/Administrative Area: Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences
B. A., The Ohio State University
Ph.D., The Medical University of Ohio (formerly the Medical College of Ohio)

Dr. Carla S. Rogers is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, who specializes in the anatomical sciences. She joined the faculty at the School of Dentistry in February 2013 after many years at UT School of Medicine. Her current responsibilities include teaching in both the dental hygiene and dental curricula. She is course director for DH Histology and Embryology, and course director for DS1 Oral Biology II. She is also a professor in the Head and Neck anatomy course, Human Biology, Oral Biology I, and the Core Course in Biomedical Sciences.

After completing her doctorate in medical sciences, Dr. Rogers was appointed to the faculty of anatomy at the Medical College of Ohio. There she taught courses in medical anatomy, medical developmental anatomy, medical histology, medical neuroanatomy, and nursing anatomy. Her research involved the development of the heart, and was funded by local chapters of the American Heart Association. A few years later, Dr. Rogers was appointed Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs, where she began writing her first (of three) career books.

After relocating to Texas, Dr. Rogers spent five years building a science program and college counseling program at an area high school. She authored an in-house Roadmap to College, and took her mentoring skills into the world of humanitarian aid, where she was a team leader of numerous mission trips tasked with the construction and operation of medical and dental care facilities in diverse places such as Burkina Faso and Belize.

In 2002, Dr. Rogers came to UT Health. For the past ten years, Dr. Rogers has been a faculty member in the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, joining the educational mission. During her tenure there, she earned the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence for eight years, and the Best Lecturer in Developmental Anatomy Award for eight years. Dr. Rogers joined the School of Dentistry in February, 2013.