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Vahn A. Lewis, PharmD, PhD

Title: Associate Professor
Office: SOD-5363
Phone: 713-486-4350
Department/Administrative Area: Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences
PharmD | University of California, 1971
PhD | University of Iowa, 1976

Dr. Lewis is interested in the areas for pain and pain control. He did his training at University of California, San Francisco, University of Iowa, and California Institute of Technology. Dr. Lewis has used electrophysiological techniques to study single neurons in awake behaving animals. In addition, he used functional cFos mapping techniques to trace the brain pathways involved in dental pain. Dr. Lewis has extensive teaching experience in the dental school, primarily in pharmacology, but also in neuroscience, in both the UTHSC School of Dentistry (formerly the Dental Branch) and School of Medicine. Dr. Lewis has also been involved in teaching prescription writing laws and techniques for many years. He has served on numerous academic committees and Faculty Senates at both the Dental and Medical Schools and is a Past President of the Dental Branch Faculty Senate. Dr. Lewis also represents the American Dental Educators Association in the United States Pharmacopeia Convention.