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Accepted Students

Letter of Intent

Print and sign the letter of intent, which was emailed to you with your acceptance letter. Mail it to:

Office of Student and Alumni Affairs
School of Dentistry
Lucia Y. Rodriguez
7500 Cambridge Street, Suite 4120
Houston, TX 77054

Criminal Background Check

Complete the required criminal background check by June 1. Forms and instructions can be found by following the links in the menu to the left.


Beginning late March our Registrar's Office will begin emailing your User ID and Password to access MyUTH (Student System). You will need this User ID and Password for the link below.

In order for UTHealth incoming students to register you must provide verification of immunizations before classes start in August. Beginning in January 2015, we will require all immunizations to be entered through our new online database. Once this form is submitted, Student Health Services will verify and release your immunization hold so you can complete registration.

The form may be found at or download the Immunization Record form.

Helpful Tips:

  • Only load your immunization records into the online database once they are 100% complete. The system will only allow one upload. Any updates after this upload must be faxed into UTHealth which can extend the processing time.
  • We encourage students to complete this upload of records into the online database in May to allow plenty of time for UTHealth to evaluate and process records in order to release your registration hold.


Student Health Insurance Certification Instructions

Texas Education Code Section 51.961 authorizes a governing board to require health insurance of students enrolled in health institutions. The University of Texas System, Board of Regents voted November 8, 2001, to include this requirement beginning with the 2002 - 2003 Academic Year.

Students are automatically assessed an insurance charge to their student fee bill for Mega Life Health Insurance. To waive this fee you are required to show proof of current health insurance coverage through another provider by completing the information below before the twelfth day of class for the Fall/Spring semester and the fourth day of class for the Summer semester of every academic year. Failure to provide this information before the deadline will result in forfeiting your option to waive the health insurance coverage and associated fee. Please note that it is not necessary to submit the waiver every semester, as after submitting the waiver in the fall and/or spring semester, the insurance fee will be removed from your bill for the remaining academic year. Please do not complete this form if you are purchasing Mega Life Health Insurance as assessed on your student fee bill.

For further instructions on accessing myUTH to submit your proof of insurance or confirm participation in Academic HealthPlans, please review the Insurance Certification Instructions.