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The University of Texas School of Dentistry

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry is a public professional school with a unique heritage and an unparalleled set of environmental advantages. The School of Dentistry was founded in 1905 as the first dental school in Texas, and as such has a long and proud tradition of educating quality oral health care professionals. The School of Dentistry is one of the cornerstones of excellence that contributes to the strengths of the UT Health Science Center at Houston by offering an excellent clinical education in an established research climate. As the School of Dentistry celebrates its centennial in 2005, it will focus on optimizing its strategic strengths with the realization that it is well-positioned to take a leading role in oral health education and research.

The Texas Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center started with a dream to create a medical center, where people from all walks of life could have access to the best health care anywhere — whether they were rich, poor, famous, alone, young, or old.

In the more than 50 years since that dream originated, it has been realized many times over. The Texas Medical Center today has 42 member institutions that each exists to serve all of mankind. On any given day, one can find people from every social circumstance and many of the world's nations seeking treatment at the center's renowned institutions.

Many of the member institutions are working to make the Texas Medical Center quality of care convenient to even more people by putting clinics, offices, and other facilities in neighborhoods throughout Houston and the surrounding communities, and even in other parts of Texas and the world.

All 42 of the Texas Medical Center's member institutions are not-for-profit, and are dedicated to the highest standards of patient and preventive care, research, education, and local, national, and international community well-being. These institutions include 13 renowned hospitals and two specialty institutions, two medical schools, four nursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and virtually all health-related careers. It is where one of the first, and still the largest, air emergency service was created; a very successful inter-institutional transplant program was developed; and more heart surgeries are performed than anywhere else in the world.

The University of Texas Health Science Center Professional Building

The University Dental Center (UDC) is located in Suite 310 of this modern, multi-story Professional Building adjacent to the Memorial Hermann Hospital. The 11 operatory clinic is home to both the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program (AEGD) and the General Practice Residency (GPR) with appropriate supporting staff. The clinic has also been recently updated with a new sterilization alcove and resident offices. Electronic record keeping and digital imaging are routine along with other modalities such as the use of dental lasers, implant surgical and prosthetic kits, endodontic rotary instrumentation including apex locators and available electric handpieces.

The UTHSC School of Dentistry The UTHSC Professional Building University Dental Center
The University of Texas School of Dentistry The University of Texas Health Science Center Professional Building University Dental Center
AEGD Bay AEGD Operatory AEGD Resident Office  
AEGD Bay AEGD Operatory AEGD Resident Office