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Program History

Our Advanced Education Program in General Dentistry (AEGD) was established in 1995. The program is a one-year program and is fully accredited by the American Dental Association. An optional second year is also available.

In July 1, 1995, the AEGD program started with four residents, a hygienist, four front desk staff, and dental assistants. Dr. Richard D. Bebermeyer was Director of the program. Since the inception of this program, we have received three Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Title VII Residency Training Grants for improvement and expansion of the program. Our latest grant (2010-2015) in the amount of $1,265,463.00 made it possible for our residents to rotate through off-site clinics to provide care to the under-served population and receive training on cultural competency.

HRSA Title VII Residency Training Programs
1996-1999 $191,657 (PI: Dr. Richard B. Bebermeyer and Co-PI: Dr. Sheila H. Koh)
2001-2004 $349,679 (PI: Dr. Sheila H. Koh and Co-PIs: Dr. Richard B. Bebermeyer and Dr. Cleverick D. Johnson)
2010-2015 $1,265,463 (PIs: Dr. Sheila H. Koh and Dr. Sudarat Kiat-amnuay)

Our residents receive comprehensive care training with state of the art equipment in a modern facility. Our teaching staff includes 10 general dentists, a prosthodontist, a periodontist, and an endodontist.

Program Directors

1995-1999, Dr. Richard D. Bebermeyer
1999-2003, Dr. Sheila H. Koh
2003-2004, Dr. Pamela Minke
2004-2008, Dr. Robert B. Mayhew
2008-Present, Dr. Sudarat Kiat-amnuay