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General Practice Residency (GPR)

(One-Year and Optional Second-Year Program)

The General Practice Residency (GPR) Program is a one-year experience in hospital dentistry based in the university's affiliate hospital, Memorial Hermann. Each resident spends approximately nine months at the University Dental Center in the UT Professional Building, 6410 Fannin St., in Houston. This state of the art facility supports all clinical and didactic activities of the GPR Program. Clinical and didactic instructions cover a full range of disciplines including comprehensive care to the medically comprised and special needs patients, in patient care, history and physicals, conscious sedation, general anesthesia, diagnosis and treatment planning, restorative dentistry, (fixed and removal prosthodontics, including implant restoration)and medical management. The program also require rotations scheduled out over a 3 month period in the following: Anesthesiology and Pain control, Otolaryngology and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

In addition, the individual resident may identify major areas of interest, such as specific clinical disciplines, teaching or research. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, residents receive a certificate in general practice from the School of Dentistry.

The program also offers positions in the optional second-year program to a finishing first-year resident. The second year is unique and includes advanced instructions in identified major interest of the resident such as specific clinical disciplines, research and the opportunity to teach students at the pre-doctoral level.

Admissions Considerations

Admission requirements may also be found at ADEA using the PASS Program Search Engine


  • Pass Application
  • ETS Personal Potential Index Evaluation (PPI):3
  • Professional Evaluations form (PEF):1
  • Submission of original NBE Scores directly to program (not to PASS)
  • Passed Part I and II National Boards
  • Submission of pre-dental college transcript directly to program (not PASS)
  • Submission of official dental school transcript directly to program (in addition to PASS)
  • Submission original TOEFL score report directly to program (not to ADEA PASS)

Requirements to Apply:

  • Must have earned a DMD/DDS degree or equivalent
  • Must have passed Part I National Board
  • Must report TOEFL score in PASS application
  • Must report Dental Match Program Code in PASS application

Generally applications for AEGD Program are considered on the following basis:

  • Completed Application
  • Attitudes, willingness to learn and interpersonal skills
  • Transcript/pattern of academic achievement
  • Recommendation on clinical abilities
  • Personal interviews
  • National Board scores
  • Class standing
  • Grade point average

Admission from Non-ADA Accredited Schools

Graduates from non-ADA accredited schools may be required to complete this school's minimum six-month preceptorship in general dentistry to apply for the program. Questions on this may be directed to the program director. Furthermore, completion of the preceptorship does not guarantee admission to the Graduate General Dentistry Programs. Information on the preceptorship is available from the Office of Continuing Education.