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Pediatric Dentistry

Two-Year Program

The Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry is a two-year postgraduate program leading to a certificate with an optional master of science in dentistry degree. The program currently accepts six students per year. The GRE is not required for admission.

The first year is concentrated on performing clinical dentistry at the UT School of Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in the Houston Medical Center Building, 6655 Travis St., Suite 460. A didactic core curriculum is taught at UTSD. Outside rotations during the first year include pediatric medicine and general anesthesia, each of one month's duration. Each first-year resident is teamed with a second-year resident for emergency coverage and general anesthesia cases at Memorial Hermann Hospital, the university affiliate hospital.

During the second year, residents spend additional time on outside rotations in Hemophilia Clinic, Cleft Palate Clinic and at the School of Dentistry and Predoctoral Clinic. When the second-year resident is not on an outside rotation, he/she participates in the outpatient pediatric dentistry clinic located in the Houston Medical Center building.

Each resident also participates in seminars and literature review, and case presentations on advanced topics in pediatric dentistry, which includes instruction in practice management and a research project. Residents are prepared to pursue and achieve American Board of Pediatric Dentistry certification.

A master of science in dentistry degree may be earned within the two-year period. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students receive a certificate in pediatric dentistry and an optional master of science in dentistry degree from UTSD.

Admission from Non-ADA Accredited Schools

Graduates from non-ADA accredited schools may apply for a one year preceptorship in pediatric dentistry. Questions on this may be directed to Program Director Gary Badger, DDS, MS ( or Continuing Education Coordinator Yvette Haas. Completion of the preceptorship does not guarantee admission to the graduate pediatric dentistry program. Information on the preceptorship is available from the Office of Continuing Education or 713-486-4028.


Information for Patients

UTSD Student Clinics (dental students under faculty supervision)
UT School of Dentistry, First Floor
7500 Cambridge St., Houston, Texas
Care for children 5-12 years of age
Appointments & Policies
Patient Forms

UTSD Postgraduate Pediatric Dentistry Clinic (dental residents and faculty)
Houston Medical Center Building
6655 Travis, Suite 460, Houston, Texas
Care for children birth to 18 years
Appointments & Policies
Patient Forms

UTHealth Greenspoint Clinic (dental residents and faculty)
Inside The Center for Children and Women
700 N. Sam Houston Parkway West, Houston, Texas


Emergencies and After-Hours Care

(During regular office hours: Monday-Thursday 8-5; Friday 8-12)

(After hours)

Please explain your need to the Memorial Hermann page operator, who will then notify the pediatric dentist on call to phone you as soon as possible. If treatment is needed, you will be asked to go to the Children’s Memorial Hermann Emergency Department , where your child will be seen by the on-call pediatric dentist.

Dental Emergencies: What to Do at Home