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Clinics & Labs

Advanced Prosthodontics Clinic

The Graduate Prosthodontic Clinic consists of a clinical bay located on the first floor of the UTHealth School of Dentistry. Twelve dental chairs and units are available for Graduate Prosthodontic Resident use. For the most part, the clinic is furnished with A-dec equipment. Currently the School of Dentistry is raising funds for equipment in the new building.

The School of Dentistry supplies all burs, instruments and handpieces by way of standardized instrument trays and bur blocks. They are all sterilized in a state-of-the-art central sterilizing area. The School of Dentistry uses electronic patient records and digital radiography.

Four full-time dental assistants are assigned to the Graduate Prosthodontic Clinic. Residents are taught the latest techniques for infection control and are supplied with all of the necessary disposable items.

Prosthodontics Laboratory

A thorough understanding of dental laboratory equipment and materials, along with technical skill, is essential for a prosthodontist. For the most part, UTHealth School of Dentistry Advanced Prosthodontic Residents must do all their own dental laboratory work. Much effort has gone into equipping and supplying the Graduate Prosthodontic Laboratory. In addition, a new state-of-the-art laboratory has been designed for the new building. and funds are currently being raised to build and equip it.

Ceramic Area:

The laboratory has an isolated porcelain room. This area is equipped with four new porcelain ovens and six porcelain systems including The Empress castable ceramic system and the Creation Porcelain system. Undoubtedly, the laboratory's greatest asset is a full-time laboratory technician.

Casting Area:

The casting area is furnished with two broken-arm casting machines and four new programmable burnout ovens. This area also houses The Empress unit and new ultrasonic and steam cleaners. The school has the entire Bego casting system.

Acrylic Area:

Besides conventional heat-cured acrylic resin, the residents use: Microwaveable resin, the Ivocap injection molded acrylic system and the Success injection molded system. In addition, the laboratory has the Dentacolor system.

Model and Die Area:

This area boasts three Pindex units, new model trimmers, a dry (belt sander) trimmer, vibrators and vacuum spatulators. All gypsum materials are pre-measured and vacuum mixed.

Metal Finishing Area:

This area is equipped with new variable high-speed lathes, both a sand blaster and a shell blasting unit, steam cleaner, Mantis stereographic microscope, high-speed handpieces, a milling machine and, finally, a drill press.

The Individual Resident Work Areas:

Each resident is assigned a laboratory work area. The benches are equipped with gas, high pressure air and electric handpieces.