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Acceptance Considerations

The dental hygiene education curriculum is a rigorous, intensive postsecondary, scientifically oriented program. Because enrollment is limited by facility capacity, special admissions criteria and procedures are necessary to ensure that the students selected have the potential for successfully completing the program.

Relative competitiveness of the application pool is determined by the academic requirements. Additional elements considered include:

  • nature of academic program
  • demonstrated strength in college level academic performance
  • demonstrated strength in dental hygiene prerequisites
  • demonstrated strength in dental hygiene science prerequisites
  • demonstrated leadership
  • evidence of public/humanitarian service
  • extracurricular activities
  • communication skills
  • employment history
  • employment experience in the dental profession

All applicants for the Dental Hygiene Program are required to take the Health Science Reasoning Test as part of a holistic application process.  This is a computer based test that is specifically designed to measure critical thinking skills.  The test consists of critical thinking questions in health sciences contexts, although no specialized technical knowledge is required.

The individual evaluations by the committee are tabulated, and a composite evaluation prepared for presentation to the entire committee. The selection of the entering class is based on the total evaluation conducted by the Admissions Committee incorporating all of the criteria listed. Evaluation of the academic history includes an assessment of course load and course distribution.

Legal residents of the State of Texas and applicants with science prerequisites in the last five years are given preference in the selection process. Personal interviews are required and are scheduled based upon committee evaluation.

May 31st of the year of anticipated enrollment is the deadline for completion of prerequisite course work.

The UTHealth School of Dentistry reserves the right to make revisions in curriculum and requirements of all programs. Tuition and fees are subject to change according to the state Legislature and/or Board of Regents.

UTSD does not discriminate on the basis of color, national origin, religion, sex or disability in its policies, programs or procedures.