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How do I apply to your DDS Program?

Texas residents must apply via The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS). The application form, as well as information about the DDS program may be found at the UT System Medical and Dental Application Center website. Non-residents may apply via the TMDSAS or AADSAS. Please pay special attention to the dates listed for the availability of applications.

What are the prerequisites for your DDS Program?

The best source of information regarding prerequisites for the DDS program is the UT System Medical and Dental Application Center. You may view those prerequisites on their website. You may also view our current online catalog.

Do I need a letter of evaluation?

Applicants are required to submit either:

  • ONE Health Professions Committee Packet (if your school has such a committee)


  • TWO individual letters of evaluation, PLUS and additional evaluation letter from a practicing dentist.

If applying through TMDSAS, please visit their website for further detailed information.

What major fields of study are preferred?

Although we do not require a specific major, the majority of applicants major in traditional sciences. The applicant must perform well in the science courses including upper division hours and should be aware of the competition with other students who have taken more than the required number of hours of science. The well-rounded pre-dental education will include some liberal arts along with science.

How long are my prerequisite courses good for?

There is no expiration date for prerequisite courses.

When should the Dental Admission Test be taken?

It is recommended that the applicant take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying, but no later than December 1 of the application cycle. The applicant's latest exam scores will be taken into consideration. Canadian DAT scores are acceptable.

For further information, please log on to:

Is an interview required?

Yes, an interview is required. The applicant may be asked to come for an interview with the Admissions Committee. Interviews are sent out via e-mail and scheduled by the Office of Student Affairs. Although an official interview is not granted to all applicants, the School gladly provides information to all prospective student and status updates via e-mail at

What can I do to make myself a competitive candidate?

  1. Keep your GPA as high as possible
  2. Score above average in all areas of the DAT (Dental Admission Test)
  3. Give careful attention to details in filing the application and apply early
  4. Assure your personal statement in the application helps the Admissions Committee to know you better, including personal and academic achievements, hardships overcome and other factors that affected personal or academic progress
  5. Participate in activities to improve manual dexterity and imaginative, creative ability
  6. Take advantage of opportunities for community service
  7. Evaluate and be able to articulate your skills, abilities, attitudes, etc. to determine if you are motivated to make the commitment required for a career in dentistry.

On what basis are students accepted?

The quality of academic achievement is a primary point of consideration. The academic history (grade point average, semester hours accomplished, academic loads carried, etc.) and the Dental Admission Test (DAT) are the primary factors used in this evaluation. An interview with the Admissions Committee is required before acceptance. This gives the opportunity to further evaluate noncognitive factors. (See Admission Requirements). Preference is given to residents of Texas. Additionally applicants seeking to enter the dental school must be able to perform the essential skills required to complete the curriculum successfully.

What college should a pre-dental student attend?

We do not recommend specific colleges. The college must be accredited and those having an active pre-dental advisory committee are preferred. It is recommended no more than 60 semester hours be accomplished at a two-year college or junior college.

Can high school students begin to prepare for a career in dentistry?

Yes. Students should take courses that will prepare them for admission to the college of their choice. In general, high school courses should include Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, History, Speech and courses that involve the development of hand skills.

When will I be notified if I am accepted or not? What about the alternate list?

Acceptance, non-acceptance, and alternate letters can be sent as late as May. We appreciate your patience.

Who should I consult about a career in dentistry?

You should speak to the pre-dental advisor on your campus, your family dentist, and other dentists in general practice. Information is also available from the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).

May potential applicants request tours of the school?

Our school offers tours, however we request that you e-mail Jayne Little in order to have your name added to the next available date. Once a date has been established you will receive an e-mail from Jayne advising you of the date.

Is there a summer pre-dental program available?

A Summer Medical and Dental Education Program exists and provides six weeks of intense exposure to clinical dentistry and medicine, while providing science and career counseling for students considering health care careers. For more information visit our SMDEP page.