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Tutorial Program


  • The School of Dentistry may offer tutoring to students who require assistance in academic or technical areas on a limited basis
  • Tutoring is at no charge
  • Time is arranged between the tutor and student
  • The tutor is a student enrolled in classes at UTSD and selected based upon the desire of that individual to participate in the program and demonstrated the ability to perform well in a selected discipline

Application Procedures

  • Discuss the difficulty with the faculty in the discipline and seek assistance
  • Obtain an application at the Office of Student Affairs
  • Complete the application and turn it in to the Office of Student Affairs
  • You will be notified by mail once a tutor(s) is identified

How it Works

  • The tutor will contact you
  • An agreeable time for sessions is established
  • Tutoring will be provided as long as necessary
  • Consultation regarding the student’s progress is provided by the Office of Student Affairs

Additional Assistance

  • The School of Dentistry is committed to assisting its students in every capacity possible
  • For more information contact:
    Office of Student Affairs
    Suite 4120 - School of Dentistry
    Phone: 713-486-4151
  • Additional assistance my be sought through the Student Counseling Service at 713-500-3113