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Other Skills

Individualized career planning, financial management, and personal statements preparation; in addition, individualized training and interviewing techniques for admissions interviewing.

  • Professionalism and Cultural Competency

    Other Skills

    Scholars will experience special topics in humanism, professionalism, ethics and cultural competency. These topics will be introduced by highly regarded faculty with known expertise in these areas. Cases will reinforce the presentations. Scholar demonstration of the characteristics of humanism, professionalism, ethical behavior and cultural competency are interwoven into many aspects of the six-week experience culminating in group presentations on topics related to important issues in health care. Scholars will also participate in a multicultural day and luncheon in which a nationally known expert will spend the day focusing upon aspects of cultural competency.

  • Communication Skills

    Small-group, problem-based learning exercises related to the core curriculum will help develop group work and communication skills. Student groups will develop presentations on a current topic in health care and receive feedback. Scholars will prepare for dental and medical school interviews by working on mock interviews with the tutors.

  • Clinical Exposure

    Other Skills - Clinical Exposure

    Scholars will experience limited clinical exposure through a diverse range of settings including shadowing individual clinicians, small-group clinical rotations in both the dental and medical settings and full-group seminars with highly experienced and expert clinicians.

  • Learning Skills Development

    Emphasis is placed on developing learning strategies to be a successful student in professional school. After a personal learning-style assessment, the course will focus on reading, implementing strategies to improve study habits, and note-taking strategies. Test-taking skills, time management, and use of information resources (library and Web) will also be covered.

  • A Financial Planning Experience

    A nationally recognized expert in financial planning will work with the scholars to assist them in developing individualized career plans and implement financial management strategies. The SMDEP Directors will also continue the work on financial planning throughout the six-week program.