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Badges with preferred first names now available for UTHealth students

Published: October 26, 2020 by UTHealth Staff

A graphic of 3 white ID badges, each with a round photo of an employee's face.
Auxiliary Enterprises will offer updated ID badges with preferred first name free of charge through Dec. 31, 2020 for UTHealth students.

Auxiliary Enterprises, in collaboration with UTHealth Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, is now offering the option to use a preferred first name for ID badges for UTHealth students, to accommodate students who choose to be acknowledged by a name different from their legal name.

“The best solutions that were set out to benefit our students who identify as transgender end up benefiting the greater population as well. There are many students at UTHealth with different cultures and origins with selected names that they prefer to use in life and school,” said Deana Moylan, associate vice president of Diversity and Equal Opportunity for UTHealth Human Resources.

“Dean Santa Maria [of Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth] set out to respond to requests from students who wanted to be able to use their preferred name in an official capacity. We’re happy to allow all UTHealth students to have that option.”

To receive an updated ID badge, students should go to the Parking Office on the first floor of University Center Tower, 7000 Fannin St., to request a badge with a preferred name.

For this purpose, Auxiliary Enterprises will offer updated badges free of charge through Dec. 31, 2020. This offer is only valid for first-time requests and is reserved for students changing their name to a preferred first name. The legal name will still be placed on the back of the badge for legal identification purposes. This offer does not apply to replacing a lost or damaged badge, requesting a new picture, etc., which requires a badge replacement fee of $10.

The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity is currently working through the logistics to allow this option for employees and faculty. An announcement will be made when the new process is in place.

Contact Charles Figari, vice president and chief Auxiliary Enterprises officer, with any questions about ID badges.

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