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Requirements for Care

Prior to agreeing to have orthodontic treatment at the School, we would like for you to be aware of the following conditions:

  1. Most scheduling of cases for active treatment begins in the summer of each year with additional acceptances throughout the year as needed. You will be told of your/your child’s acceptance following the screening examination.
  2. Once accepted into the orthodontic program patients must be seen at regular 4-6 week intervals. Minimal flexibility is possible in arranging appointments. If this seems to be a problem, be sure to discuss this at the screening appointment. Fees are reduced in the graduate clinic since it is a teaching program and the patient/parent should be aware that they will need to make allowances for some minor inconveniences. All treatment is done by our highly qualified residents (we have approximately 250 applicants each year and we only accept 7) and each case is treated under the direct supervision of one of our outstanding faculty members. Each faculty member is generally only in the clinic one day per week; therefore, the patients must be seen at the specific day that faculty member is present. Appointments are generally 1 hour duration (some may be longer and some shorter).
  3. When you agree to receive orthodontic treatment at UT School of Dentistry, you enter into a contract which commits the Department of Orthodontics to providing the proposed treatment and commits you to pay the total fee before treatment is scheduled.
  4. We do also accept cases for Invisalign. Many patients are not suitable for this type of treatment but the same screening process applies.
  5. Fees for orthodontic treatment include one set of retainers given at the conclusion of treatment, but do not include the cost of any additional dental treatment such as extraction, additional appliances, restorations or periodontal treatment.
  6. Complete patient cooperation is essential during orthodontic treatment. Undesirable patient cooperation with hygiene or elastic wear and/or failure to keep regular appointments can produce poor treatment results and is grounds for dismissal from the clinic. Since our residents are supervised and graded by our faculty with each patient’s treatment, excellent patient cooperation and attention to appointments assures quality treatment results for our patients and a wonderful educational experience for our resident doctors.

Please call (713) 486-4190 to reserve a screening appointment for you or your family members today.