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Student Research

The Student Research Group (SRG) at The University of Texas School of Dentistry is composed of dental students interested in scientific inquiry. The SRG promotes, supports, and nurtures the interests of dental student researchers during their time at the school. It is a local chapter of the American Association of Dental Research’s National Student Research Group and is a student-run organization guided by input from a faculty advisor (Dr. Gena Tribble, student research coordinator). The SRG exposes students to the diverse types of research in the dental profession and encourages involvement in research activities at the School of Dentistry by making students aware of research opportunities, such as the summer research focus.

The group’s goals are accomplished in part by hosting monthly meetings where School of Dentistry professors and students present the research they have done. UTSD has a long history of strong student participation in national organizations and scientific research meetings such as the annual American Association of Dental Research meeting and students from the group have presented abstracts at local, state, national and international meetings. Almost all of UTSD student researchers have been co-authors on papers, and many have indicated that being actively involved in research enhanced their ability to interpret studies by companies interested in selling products. Research experience also strengthens clinical diagnostic skills, thus helping UTSD graduates provide better patient care.


The UT School of Dentistry Student Research Facebook page was recently launched and has updates and photos from the Student Research Group officers.  Please visit the page and let us know what you think!

Other research opportunities are the Undergraduate Summer Research Program at the Medical School and the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP).