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Aderer Simulator Articulator
Antes-Lewis Articulator and Grinder
T.G. Lewis Crown & Bridge Articulator
Coble “Positional” Articulator
Antes-Lewis Articulator and Grinder
The Denar D4H Articulator
The Fournet "Dual Check" Articulator
Gambill Articulator and Grinder
The Hayes Articulator
McCollum “Gnathograph” (Gnathoscope) Articulator
The Granger “Gnatholator” Articulator
The Gritman Dental Articulator
The Reimche Crown & Bridge Articulator
The GYSI "Adaptable" Articulator
The GYSI "Simplex" Articulator
The GYSI "Simplex"-Wadsworth Incisal Guide Table Articulator
The Hagman "Deluxe Balancer" Articulator
The Hagman "Junior Balancer" Articulator
Hagman "Special Deluxe Balancer Model R" Articulator
The Hall Articulator: the prototype of "The Alligator"
The Hall Experimental Articulator (Experimental-Conical Theory Type)
Hall Experimental M3 Tripod
The Hall-House Precision Articulator
The Hall Automatic Anatomic Articulator
The Hall "Alligator" Articulator (Production Model)
Hall “Triplex” Articulator
Hall “Universal” Articulator
The Hall "Automatic Anatomic Articulator" ("Improved" 2nd version)
Hanau "Kinescope" Articulator
Hanau "Model C" Articulator
Hanau "Occludor" Articulator
The Hanau "Teledyne" Articulator (XP-51)
Hanau “University Series” No. 1 (with Occlusal Plane Analyzer)
Hollander “Centriculator” Articulator
The Homer "Dental Relator" Articulator (3rd Design)
The House Articulator
  House Rotary Occlusal Grinder for Articulators (mounted on a GYSI “Simplex”)
The Kerr 1902 Dental Articulator
Kerr Crown & Bridge Articulator
The Lewis and Snow Articulator
Lewis "Independent Motion" Articulator
The Monson Mandibulo-Maxillary Instrument (Second Model)
The Needles Articulator (2nd design)
NEY Articulator
Phillips “Occlusoscope” Articulator
Phillips “Student Model” Articulator
“Planeline” or Simple Hinge Articulator
S. S. White (early) Articulator
The Scott Articulator (pre-patent model)
Snow "Acme" Articulator
Snow (Improved) “Acme” Articulator
Snow "New Century" Articulator
Stanley Articulator and Grinder
Stansbery "Dental Orient" Articulator
Stansbery “Tripod” Articulator
Terrell Precision Coordinator
Scott Reciprocal Dental Grinder
T M J Articulator (third model)
Hall “Transograph” Jaw Recorder & Duplicator
The Wadsworth Articulator (Second model)
The Wadsworth Articulator with Facebow and T-Attachment