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The Fournet "Dual Check" Articulator

Designed By:
Sidney C. Fournet

Manufactured By:
The Prosthetic Dental Company, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

US Patent:


The Fournet “Dual Check” Articulator is a simple hinge instrument that utilizes mounting devices and spherical arc templates for setting denture teeth. Both are attached to adjustable vertical posts. The “Dual Check” was designed according to Monson’s Spherical Theory; however, it was also designed for grinding in the denture teeth to conform to arcs of selected radii, if required. The articulator incorporated a convex template for setting mandibular teeth and a concave template for setting the maxillary teeth. The templates were converted into grinding devices by applying sandpaper discs to the surfaces and rotating them against the teeth by turning the hand crank.


Dr. Edgar N. Starcke's articles in the Journal of Prosthodontics have more information on the history of articulators.