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NEY Articulator

Designed By:
Anthony J. DePietro

Manufactured By:
J. M. Ney Company, Hartford , Connecticut

US Patent:

US Patent:


The NEY Articulator can be classified as a fully adjustable instrument. It embodies both the arcon and intercondylar distance adjustability features. The terminal hinge axis is recorded to mount the casts and check bite records (centric, protrusive and right and left lateral) are used to set the controls. The NEY offers a choice of metal or plastic condylar guides. The plastic condylar guides come in a variety of curvatures. The plastic incisal guide can be utilized to generate custom incisal guidance. The metal incisal guide features lateral wings that are parabolic to simulate the curves of the mandibular teeth. The metal incisal guide also incorporates an adjustable vertical pin, which, when raised, provides an area of freedom at centric position. The incisal pin is designed to be concentric with the arc of closure of the articulator. The plastic condylar guides can be adjusted for an immediate side shift, but it is necessary to cut a 0.5 mm dimple at the centric point to maintain centric relation. The Bennett guide is located in the condylar elements. The NEY articulator was manufactured for about four years.


Dr. Edgar N. Starcke's articles in the Journal of Prosthodontics have more information on the history of articulators.