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The Scott Articulator (pre-patent model)

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Designed By:
Joseph E. Scott

Manufactured By:

US Patent:


The Scott articulator was designed with a moveable lower member. This was not a new idea because as early as 1840, Daniel T. Evens had incorporated this feature in his “Dentist’s Guide” articulator (US patent no. 1,743). There are many other examples of articulators with this feature.

The Scott Articulator had adjustable condylar guides but there was no provision for the “Bennett movement.” The lower member was maintained in centric position by a set of springs. Movement of the lower member was controlled by hand manipulation of the incisal pin. The incisal guide was of the gothic arch controlling type with an adjustable protrusive angle feature. In addition to the condylar guides, a separate maxillary hinge and anterior vertical stop pin was necessary for working access to the mounted casts and to stabilize the upper member.


Dr. Edgar N. Starcke's articles in the Journal of Prosthodontics have more information on the history of articulators.