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University Holiday (Skeleton Holiday)

Mon. December 31, 2018 12:00 AM
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What is the difference between a full holiday and a skeleton holiday?

UTHealth is closed for official business on national holidays. Skeleton holidays require that the University “have on hand enough personnel to carry on…public business.” During skeleton holidays each unit and department head must ensure the capability of that unit to respond to inquiries from the public. Department heads must consider whether or not the department must be available to respond to patient needs, student needs, public information queries, fiscal accountability, environmental health and safety, facilities operations, etc. For further information about skeleton holidays, refer to HOOP 27 Holidays.

Can anyone work these skeleton holidays and take other time off?

Some departments are designated as critical services and are required to be open on these holidays. An employee “may” work on a skeleton holiday if he or she has the permission of the department head. This may be in lieu of or in addition to other “critical” staff. Employees in these departments who work skeleton holidays have 12 months to use this holiday time. Any time off must be scheduled and approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Where can I find the UTHealth Holiday Calendar?

The UTHealth Holiday Calendar can be found online.

Michelle Ray