Are you a fan of Google Drive for sharing and collaborating on files? UTHealth is pleased to introduce UTH-Share, UTHealth’s implementation of Google Apps for Education. This is a secure, global, collaborative environment with interactive services that greatly enhance the ability of students, faculty and staff to create, integrate, manage, discover and share a wide spectrum of digital content in an efficient, secure manner.

To sign up for your UTH Share account, simply go to the UTH-Share Sign Up Page and activate your UTH-Share account using your UTHealth user ID. Do not store PHI/HIPAA data on your UTH-Share account unless you have enabled your account for PHI data access.

UTH-Share allows individuals to exchange folders or large files and create or edit content in real time and/or asynchronously — all the while maintaining a record of the revisions. UTH-Share works on multiple platforms and personal devices. Collaborative capabilities allow public sharing of information, as well as secure, “trusted” interactions among individuals having Google identity credentials.

Q. Do we get a Google email address with UTH-Share?

No. Your UTHealth email address will be where you will receive any information from UTH-Share regarding files shared with you. You are issued a Google identity credential having a personal identifier of the form Although this appears to be an email address, it is not. Gmail is not one of the products on our UTH-Share implementation.

Q: What are the benefits of Google Apps for Education versus Google Apps for Individuals?

Google Apps for Individuals is managed by Google, and the content is owned by each individual, whereas Google Apps for Education is administered by UTHealth and is compliant with FERPA and other regulatory requirements. UTHealth is the owner of the information in UTH-Share. Google only provides the service.

UTH-Share FAQs                                                                                                                                                      

Need help? Contact a UTHealth Google administrator at

What You Get With UTH-Share

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