UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston dental student Kent Healy and Mohammad Almutairi, DDS, a prosthodontics resident, won top honors in the Scientific Table Clinic at the 2019 Star of the South Dental Meeting in Houston.

Healy, a second-year student, won first place in the Dental Student Category for his presentation, “Comparison of New Bone Growth in Zoledronate-Treated IRF6 Wild Type and Heterozygous Mice.”

Healy's mentor, Assistant Professor Walid Fakhouri, MSc, PhD, of the Department of Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences, said the project focused on genetic factors related to medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw, introducing a loss-of-function mutation to the transcription factor, Interferon Regulatory Factor 6 (IRF6), as a possible variable in the disease that affects some patients, especially after invasive treatment or tooth extraction.

Healy also won the Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and Its Application (SCADA) Award, presented by the American Dental Association and Dentsply North America to winners of U.S. dental school research competitions. The award includes an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to present his research at the SCADA meeting in March. 

Almutairi won the Edward J. Cooksey Award for excellence in scientific table clinic presentation. His presentation was titled “Fully Guided Workflow for a Heavily Restored Patient.”

UTSD Associate Professor Stephen Laman, DDS, served as program chairman for the Scientific Table Clinic at Star of the South, an annual event hosted by the Greater Houston Dental Society.  

The GHDS provided the following list of winners for 2019:

1st Place:  Kent Healy
"Comparison of New Bone Growth in Zoledronate-Treated IRF6 Wild Type and Heterozygous Mice"

2nd Place:  Alexander Plagenhoef
"Efficacy of Root Canal Obturation with Single-Cone Technique After Using Multi-Sonication Technology, GentleWave vs. Conventional Root Canal Treatment"

3rd Place:  Bernice Bambgade, Jirga Shah
"Dental Considerations in Pregnant Women"

1st Place:  Jennifer Chacon, Priscilla Cantu, Samantha Youd
"Dental Unit Biofilm: Patient Implications and Disinfection Methods"

2nd Place: Aimee Zhou, Jennie Vo, Sarah Khan
"Seeing Celiac Disease: Common Manifestations in the Oral Cavity"

3rd Place: Thuy Bui, Lisa Nguyen, Lac-Hong Pham
"Unleashing the Potential Powers of Polyphenols on Periodontal Disease”

1st Place: Dr. Michelle Phelan
"The Endocrown"

2nd Place: Dr. Rabeh Alenazy
"Forced Eruption Made Easy for GP"

3rd Place: Dr. Evan John
"The Use of Botox in Dentistry"

1st Place: Dr. Mohammad Almutairi
"Fully Guided Workflow for a Heavily Restored Patient" 

2nd Place: Dr. Rafiullah Bashiri
"Mandibular Reprogramming Therapy for a Partial Mandibulectomy Patient"

3rd Place: Dr. Binh Pham
"The Rotational Path Removable Partial Denture: An Esthetic Treatment Option"

1st Place: Taylor Nguyen, Samantha Ostwald, Diana Zamora, Whitney Posey, Martha Wooten, Tasha Mendoza
"Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Smile!"