The National Academy of Medicine is calling on artists of all skills and abilities for a nationwide community art project. Use any art form to show us what clinician burnout, clinician well-being and clinician resilience mean to you. Visual and nonvisual art, such as music and creative writing, are welcome.

Submit your entry by Friday, Feb. 16 to, which is also the site for more information.  Your art could be featured in a permanent online gallery and/or an in-person show hosted by the National Academy of Medicine in May 2018.

The well-being of our clinicians impacts everyone. This art show will promote greater awareness and understanding of barriers to clinician well-being, while offering solutions that promise a brighter future.  Whether it’s a depiction of how you de-stress from a busy day, how you feel when taking care of patients, or a picture of your favorite clinician, show us:  What does clinician well-being look, feel and sound like to you?