The Greater Houston Dental Society has announced winners of the Scientific Table Clinic at the 2018 Star of the South Dental Meeting, and UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston students, residents, faculty and alumni were involved at every level.

Third-year dental student Megan Short won the SCADA Award for “Impact of Accelerated Aging on the Dimensional Accuracy of 3D Printed Orthodontic Models.” The American Dental Association and Dentsply North America present the SCADA Award to winners of U.S. dental school research competitions.

Dental students Alexandra McCallum, Melba Salazar and Elizabeth Kuncewicz won “Best Presentation” for the W. Kenneth Horwitz, DDS, Table Clinic Award for Discussion of Ethics and Professionalism, which includes a $1,500 prize. Dental hygiene students Don Nguyen, Nallely De Los Reyes and Sergio Hernandez won Honorable Mention for the W. Kenneth Horwitz, DDS, Table Clinic Award for Discussion of Ethics and Professionalism, which includes a $750 prize.

Other top award winners with connections to UTHealth were:

General Dentists

1st:  “The Root Membrane Technique:  A Revolutionary Implant Protocol,”  R. Terry Councill, DDS ’82

2nd:  “New AHA Hypertension Guidelines,” Lindsey Atkins, DDS ’17, AEGD resident

3rd:  “Condylar Guidance in Dental Articulators: Straight or Curved,” Ronald Presswood, DDS ’65, Ronald Presswood, Jr.      


Dental Students

1st:  “Impact of Accelerated Aging on the Dimensional Accuracy of 3-D Printed Orthodontic Models,” Megan Short

2nd:  “Shear Bond Strength of Saliva-Contaminated Human Enamel and Dentin Using Various Dental Adhesives,” Ola Al Hatem

3rd:  “Cell Surface Genes of the Wnt Pathway Are Associated with Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip With or
         Without Palate,” Katie Hauser        


Dental Hygiene Students

1st:  “Sleep Apnea:  Can You Recognize It?”  Hannah Ramey, Grace Sanchez, Viviana Silva, Pita Carranza

2nd:  “Text Neck:  What's Next?”  Sarah Thomsen, Amber Plite, Morgan Willis     


2nd:  “Change of Pharyngeal Airway Dimension in Patients Treated for and Resolved of Myofascial Pain Syndrome;” Dr. Qiuyi Liang, prosthodontics               resident

3rd:   “Turner Syndrome and Its Relevance in Pediatric Dentistry;” Dr. Anu Wadivkar, pediatric dentistry resident.

Among the table clinic judges were many UTHealth Houston alumni and/or faculty, including Drs. Michelle Aguilos, Lauren Brownfield, Rose Marie Fay, Tawana Feimster, John Garza, Allen Gaw, Tommy Harrison, Kevin Kaviani, Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay, Lori Lumpkin-Jones, Kathleen McDermott, Blake McKaskle, Theresa McLean, Kathy O'Keefe, Joe Piazza, Phil Pierpont, Syeda Reyes, June Sadowsky, Linda Sierra, Cynthia Trajtenberg, Ben Warner and Gary Williams.

GHDS expressed appreciation to Scientific Table Clinic Chairman Stephen Laman, DDS ’86, for his leadership; to Boyd Shepherd, DDS ’88, JD, and Kenneth Horwitz, DDS ’61, for the ethics and professionalism awards; and to Greg Oelfke, DDS ’97, chair of the UTSD Houston Alumni Foundation Board, for the alumni association awards.