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Weather Alert: Oct. 27, 2021

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch through 4 p.m. today as a strong cold front, heavy rainfall, and potentially damaging winds move through the Greater Houston area. You may have received the National Weather Service (NWS) push notifications to your portable device via your phone cell provider.

UTHealth Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management is monitoring weather conditions in the Texas Medical Center and will provide UTHealth Alert updates if a threat is detected.

Weather-related warnings are always based on conditions within the Texas Medical Center. Please continue to monitor your local weather conditions and news outlets for your safety.

In case of an emergency, ensure you have contact information at hand to communicate to your supervisor or instructor should you find yourself at risk during inclement weather.

Millicent E. Goldschmidt, MS, PhD

 Millicent E. Goldschmidt, MS, PhD

Dr. Millicent "Mimi" Goldschmidt is a professor emerita of the University of Texas. This "Women in Microbiology" interview between Hazel Barton and Dr. Goldschmidt was recorded at the 2016 ASM Microbe Meeting. Dr. Goldschmidt is also a featured scientist in Women in Microbiology (Chapter 25), published in 2018.