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Student Clinics

All services are performed by students under the careful supervision of our attending clinical faculty. Patients are accepted to the School of Dentistry based on their need for either comprehensive ("complete") or emergency/limited care. Student clinics include predoctoral dental, postdoctoral (advanced general dentistry and dental specialties), and dental hygiene. 

Comprehensive Care

Consideration for comprehensive care begins with a screening appointment in the Assessment Clinic. The attending dentist will examine you to determine if you are a candidate for comprehensive care. The initial screening is by appointment only and at no charge.

If the initial screening indicates your dental needs can be treated in our clinics, you will then receive appropriate diagnostic X-rays. In most cases you will know at the completion of your initial appointment if you have been accepted into one of the School of Dentistry's clinical programs.

The initial screening process takes approximately 30 minutes. If it is determined that you are not a candidate for care, you will be free to go at the completion of the assessment. The complete progression of screening, exam, and X-rays can take up to four hours.

We ask that all patients scheduled for an assessment screening please come prepared to pay for the diagnostic X-rays. To assist you in planning your budget, the maximum fees associated with the initial visit are generally in the $150 to $175 range. Please be prepared to pay at the time of your treatment. For your convenience, we accept cash (no personal checks), money orders, or major credit cards as a method for payment. 

Dental Emergencies

The Urgent Care clinic is generally open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings in the fall. 

The Urgent Care clinic will be closed September 7, 18, November 6, 26-27, and end December 10.

Evaluation and treatment in our Urgent Care Clinic are available to the general public on a walk-in basis only, but only a limited number of "walk-in" appointments are available each day. If your first visit to the school is for emergency dental care, we will make every attempt to resolve your chief dental problem.

Walk-in patients should sign in at the front desk reception area by 7:30 a.m. Patients are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees for emergency treatment vary from patient to patient, but typically range from $150 to $175.  All fees will be discussed before treatment begins.  We ask that you be prepared to pay at the time of your treatment. For your convenience, we accept cash (no personal checks), money orders, or major credit cards as a method for payment. Please call 713-486-4000, Option 1 for current hours.

Patient Appointments

Due to the educational mission of the School of Dentistry, treatment will take longer to accomplish in comparison with what you might expect in private dental practices. Appointments are generally three hours long, and most patients will be expected to have an average of two appointments each month. It is essential that you keep all appointments. Treatment may be discontinued if you repeatedly cancel and/or fail to appear for appointments.

For an initial assessment appointment please call 713-486-4000, Option 2.  Scheduling hours are from 8:30 to 11 a.m. and 1:30 to 3 p.m. daily until all appointments for the following week are booked.