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Student with Patient

Our advanced education clinics provide care that is delivered under faculty supervision by residents who are studying a dental specialty or advanced general dentistry. Our residents have already completed dental school and have DDS, DMD, or BDS degrees.   

Fees charged for services provided in advanced education clinics average about two-thirds the cost of fees for a typical private-practice setting.

(Root Canal Therapy)

Endodontic treatment is provided by resident dentists who are receiving an additional two years of postgraduate training in the field of endodontics. The clinic is located on the first floor of UTHealth School of Dentistry, 7500 Cambridge St.

Upon your first appointment, a payment is expected for a limited evaluation and/or X-rays needed for acceptance as a patient in the Advanced Education in Endodontics Program. If accepted, this will help aid in providing diagnosis and treatment with estimated fees.

For more information, call 713-486-4230.


General Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dental care, including routine cleanings and exams, fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, dentures and treatment of more complex general dentistry needs. Care is provided by resident dentists who are receiving an additional one to two years of training in advanced general dentistry.

UT Professional Building
6410 Fannin Street, Suite 310
Houston, Texas 77030

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) services are available for those who need teeth removed, dental implants for replacing teeth, bone grafts, cancer patient dental care, cleft lip and palate treatment, bite correction and facial reconstruction. We also assist those with jaw joint (TMJ) pain and do corrective work to repair jaw defects, jaw fractures, and other facial injuries. This specialized care is provided by resident dentists who are receiving an additional four or six years of training in OMS.

Oral Surgeons in hall

Located in Scurlock Tower
6560 Fannin St., Suite 1900
Houston, Texas 77030

Orthodontics (Braces)

We provide orthodontic services for children, teens, and adults. From preventive orthodontic care to state-of-the-art Invisalign treatment to complex surgical-assisted orthodontics, we are here to serve your family.

Call 713-486-4190 today for a screening appointment. Screening appointments generally are made weekly throughout the year. The A.P. Westfall, DDS Orthodontic Clinic is located on the third floor of UTHealth School of Dentistry, 7500 Cambridge St. 

Child with braces

To qualify for screening, a prospective patient must:

  • Be at least 7 years of age
  • Have good oral hygiene habits
  • Routinely receive professional dental care and have had a recent dental check-up
  • Be able to accept that appointment times are limited and that they will likely be longer than in private practice and must be scheduled during school hours (no after-school or weekend appointments will be available).

Our patients are selected on the basis of their treatment needs and the educational needs of our residents. Following the screening evaluation, patients will be assigned to one of the following categories:

  1. Good teaching case
  2. Interceptive teaching case
  3. Potentially acceptable teaching case
  4. Not a good teaching case.
Ortho Clinic patient

Prior to agreeing to have orthodontic treatment at the school, please be aware of the following conditions:

  1. Most scheduling of cases for active treatment begins in the summer of each year, with additional acceptances throughout the year as needed. You will be told of your or your child's acceptance following the screening examination.
  2. Once accepted into the Orthodontic Program, patients must be seen at regular 4-6 week intervals. Minimal flexibility is possible in arranging appointments. If this seems to be a problem, be sure to discuss it at the screening appointment. Fees are reduced in the graduate clinic, since it is a teaching program, and the patient/parent should be aware that they will need to make allowances for some minor inconveniences. All treatment is done by our highly qualified residents (we have approximately 250 applicants each year and only accept 7) and each case is treated under the direct supervision of one of our outstanding faculty members. Each faculty member is generally only in the clinic one day per week; therefore, the patients must be seen at the specific day that faculty member is present. Appointments are generally 1 hour duration (some may be longer and some shorter).
  3. When you agree to receive orthodontic treatment at UTHealth School of Dentistry, you enter into a contract which commits the Department of Orthodontics to providing the proposed treatment and commits you to pay the total fee before treatment is scheduled.
  4. We do also accept cases for Invisalign. Many patients are not suitable for this type of treatment, but the same screening process applies.
  5. Fees for orthodontic treatment include one set of retainers given at the conclusion of treatment, but do not include the cost of any additional dental treatment such as extraction, additional appliances, restorations or periodontal treatment.
  6. Complete patient cooperation is essential during orthodontic treatment. Undesirable patient cooperation with hygiene or elastic wear and/or failure to keep regular appointments can produce poor treatment results and is grounds for dismissal from the clinic. Since our residents are supervised and graded by our faculty with each patient's treatment, excellent patient cooperation and attention to appointments assures quality treatment results for our patients and a wonderful educational experience for our resident doctors.

Gray Line

Pediatric Dentistry (Children)

The Pediatric Dentistry Advanced Education Clinic is located on the third floor of UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry. We provide dental care for children from birth to 18 years of age whether their needs are basic or complex, including children or teens with special needs or medical problems.

The Postgraduate Clinic accepts Medicaid, private insurance, cash, checks or credit cards. The initial screening appointment includes a cleaning, digital images and a consultation with a pediatric dental resident or faculty member to develop a treatment plan. Office hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays.

For complete information on all pediatric dentistry services, visit

Pediatric patient smiling

We know you may have many questions about your child's dental health and dental care. It is our hope that the following sections will answer many of those questions. One of our primary goals is to provide you with the information and guidance you need to help your child achieve and maintain optimal oral health. If you should still have additional questions, please call our office and we will be glad to help you.

Pediatric patient with Provider

Dental emergencies can be very stressful to you and your child. We are here for you and want to help. 

If your child has an urgent or emergency dental need during routine office hours, please call UTHealth Pediatric Dentistry at 713-500-8220. Depending on the nature of the problem, your child will be given a same-day or next-day appointment in the office to assess the problem.

If your child has an urgent or emergency dental need outside of office hours, call the Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center paging operator at 713-704-4000 and explain your need. The operator will contact the pediatric dentist on call, who will phone you as soon as possible. If treatment should be needed, you will be asked to go to the Emergency Department at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, where your child will be seen by the on-call pediatric dentist.

Along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, we recommend that a child's first dental visit be scheduled by his/her 1st birthday. Don't be alarmed if your very young child should cry. Tears provide a healthy avenue of expression for a child when moving toward an unknown, so please don't be disturbed or embarrassed. Once a child becomes familiar with the new dental surroundings, the fear will subside.

No matter what age the first visit occurs, it is very important to make the first visit as positive and enjoyable for the child as possible. We believe in friendly courtesy and we make every effort to make your child's visit pleasant and comfortable. We want your child to enjoy getting to know our dentists and staff and be comfortable at all times. A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease during future dental visits. Children should be encouraged to discuss any fears or anxiety they feel.

Parents are very important in making the first visit positive and enjoyable for their children. You should not make a big deal out of the visit and refrain from using any words that could cause unnecessary fear, such as "needle" or "drill." We are experienced in dealing with children's anxiety and can explain treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings toward dentistry.

No matter what the child's age, the initial visit is a "get acquainted" visit. We will record your child's dental and medical history. The treating dentist will give your child a complete oral exam, which will include a careful visual evaluation of the teeth and oral tissues, and diagnostic images if necessary for complete diagnosis. We will also clean your child's teeth and apply topical fluoride. If, however, X-rays, cleaning or fluoride are not easily accepted, we will defer these to a later appointment rather than creating an unpleasant memory. We will discuss our findings with you and also review the importance of maintaining a good dental oral health program for your child to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

For information or appointments at any of UTHealth Pediatric Dentistry's locations, visit the "Our Clinics" section.

Please be sure to complete each of the following forms prior to your child's initial visit:

Patient Registration Form (English)
Patient Registration Form (Spanish)

UTHealth Pediatric Dentistry Postgraduate Clinic

UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry, Suite 3410
7500 Cambridge St., Houston, Texas
Care for children birth to 18 years
Appointments & Policies - Postgraduate Clinic

Predoctoral (Student) Clinics

UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry, First Floor
7500 Cambridge St., Houston, Texas
Appointments & Policies - Predoctoral Clinics

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

We provide services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gingival (gum) disease and the bone surrounding and supporting the teeth. Care is provided by resident dentists who are receiving an additional three years of training in periodontics. The clinic is located on the second floor of UTHealth School of Dentistry, 7500 Cambridge St.

For more information about the Periodontics Clinic, call 713-486-4048.

Dental patient

(Missing Teeth)

Services are provided for the restoration of natural teeth with crowns and replacement of missing teeth with permanent bridges or implants (fixed prosthodontics) and the design and fabrication of complete, immediate and partial dentures to replace missing teeth (removable prosthodontics). Care is provided by resident dentists who are receiving an additional three years of training in prosthodontics.

The Victoria Q. Cisneros, DDS, MS, Advanced Prosthodontics Clinic is located on the second floor of UTHealth School of Dentistry, 7500 Cambridge St. Contact the clinic at 713-486-4347 for more information.

Image of two people looking at prosthodontics