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SOD Research Labs

Fakhouri Lab
Fakhouri Lab

Dr. Fakhouri’s laboratory research investigates genetic and epigenetic factors that are essential for early craniofacial development; and disruptions in these factors that cause and contribute to congenital craniofacial defects, including cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis and micrognathia.

Jeter Laboratory
Jeter Laboratory

At the intersection of neuroscience and dentistry, the Jeter laboratory aims to improve the quality of life of older adults suffering from neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. With specific training in clinical and translational research, Dr. Jeter focuses on the bidirectional relationship of neurodegenerative disease and oral health. Namely, her work not only considers how neurodegenerative disease impacts oral health, but more unexpectedly, how oral health...

Myers Group

My research group/collaborations include an eclectic blend of multidisciplinary professionals (scientists, clinicians, educators) and students. We tackle challenging questions in the pharmacological sciences, such as the pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic interactions of conventional and medicinal therapies, along with the pharmacogenetic implications. Moreover, we are studying alternative ways to treat acute dental pain without opioids. We are also intrigued by how sleep performance may influence...

Young Laboratory
Young Laboratory

The focus of our current research is to develop novel material-based immunotherapies for the treatment of head and neck cancer and explore mechanisms of how this approach may synergize with other modalities of treatment such as chemo/radiation therapy. The paradigm of in situ cell programming using biomaterials is also being utilized in separate research projects in collaboration with: 1) MIT (Paula Hammond Lab), exploring the use of layer-by-layer technology to deliver bioactive factors for the ...

Iwata Laboratory

Membrane trafficking is crucial for the formation and maintenance of cellular structures. Recent studies indicate that membrane trafficking is disrupted in a variety of human diseases; however, the regulatory mechanism of membrane trafficking remains largely unknown. The aim of my laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of membrane trafficking regulated by cellular metabolism. In the craniofacial region, there are various tissues (e.g., bone, muscle, tooth, palate) in which...

Kasper Lab

The Kasper Laboratory applies fundamentals of engineering, materials science, and the biosciences toward the development and evaluation of biomaterial-based technologies to meet clinical needs, with a particular focus on 3D printing and tissue regeneration.

Shawn Adibi Biomedical Science Laboratory

Dr. Adibi's research consists of biomedical studies including devices to solve diagnostic challenges and treatment options for Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Nocturnal Bruxism (night time grinding of teeth). TMD consists of a number of clinical conditions that involve the TMJ, the muscles of mastication and numerous associated structures of the head and neck region. The etiology of this condition is multifactorial with symptoms ranging from, but not limited to, pain and/or tenderness of the...